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We are not curremtly enrolled with any insurance companies.  Many of our clients are able to get partial compensation for sessions by using their out-of-network coverage.  We can provide a Superbill (medical invoice) which contains all the information your insurance company will need to do reimburse you.  Please check with your insurance provider to see if you have out-of-network coverage and at what rate.  Also note that submission for reimbursement is done by the client.

Fees & Insurance: Insurance

Fees for Psychological Services

We accept cash & credit cards.  All fees are due on the date of service. I have a limited number of reduced cost sessions for people that are experiencing financial hardships.  I also offer a student rate for individuals attending college or graduate school. Please contact me and we will discuss this further.

Psychologist Session
Happy Couple
Just Married

Individual Therapy

50 minute session: $180

Most individuals prefer to meet every week or every other week. The length of individual therapy varies greatly depending on your desires and the nature of what brings you to therapy. Many clients feel they successfully achieve their goals within a month or two, while others feel that therapy is useful as an ongoing process.

Couples Therapy

50 minute session: $180

80 minute session: $270

Our process for couples counseling follows the Gottman Method Couples Therapy guidelines, which includes a 50 minute initial session followed by two 40 minute individual sessions. Usually all remaining sessions are scheduled for 50 minutes with both individuals present.

Premarital Therapy

50 minute session: $180

In pre-marital therapy we'll cover a wide range of topics such as healthy conflict resolution, creating and maintain rituals of connection, financial matters and sex, to name a few. We utilize the research of John and Julie Gottman which have identified the habits in relationships which predict their success, satisfaction and longevity. 

Fees & Insurance: Services
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